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Re: Bugtracker Changelog

#91 » Post by Errorista » 01 Aug 2021 11:12

TW 3.3.5a - 07.2021

0001806: [Spell/Skill] Last Hitting with Envenom (andriuspel)
0008178: [Dungeon/Raid] Thorim (andriuspel)
0007503: [Quest] [Quest] [Mother's Milk] completes after walking back and forth in Flame Crest (Doctor_J)
0008174: [NPC] Sister Mercy Mutinous Sea Dog (Doctor_J)
0006180: [Item] Double chests spawned in The Steamvault (Doctor_J)
0008177: [Quest] Issue involving two quests: "Don't kill the fat one" and "Success" (read description) (Doctor_J)
0008176: [Quest] Quest: Uncovering the past. You cannot loot the ancient relic that gives you the Ados fragment. (Doctor_J)
0007251: [Other] Noblegarden Eggs not despawning after event end (Doctor_J)
0005842: [Quest] Quest [The Smallest Creatures] not working (Doctor_J)
0005522: [Quest] Quest - The Fel and the Furious (Doctor_J)
0005853: [Quest] Dragonmaw Race quest chain in Shadowmoon Valley (Doctor_J)
0004034: [Dungeon/Raid] The Oculus - Centrifuge Construct mob packs not linked (administrator)
0002422: [Quest] Gnogaine quest completed outside dungeon (administrator)
0002686: [Quest] The Stones That Bind Us: Servants die without their stone of binding being destroyed (Doctor_J)
0005775: [Quest] Stratholme Both Quest (administrator)
0004037: [Quest] Dead Man's Plea (administrator)
0004077: [Dungeon/Raid] Ulduar - Kologarn should not be visible untill approached (andriuspel)
0006023: [Quest] Quest / Torch Catching (andriuspel)
0005117: [NPC] Crimson Courier keeps spawning bodyguards while dead. (Doctor_J)
0007997: [Dungeon/Raid] [dungeon] Utgarde Pinnacle - Ruined court (missing visual) (Doctor_J)
0005856: [NPC] Naberius chain mind controls breaking quest. (Doctor_J)
0007917: [Dungeon/Raid] OHF N the NPC does not allow to teleport out. (Doctor_J)
0005461: [Quest] The Battle of Darrowshire - NPC hanging around after battle (Doctor_J)
0008163: [Spell/Skill] Hunter - problem with acid spit pet ability (andriuspel)
0008168: [Quest] Trapping the Light Fantastic (andriuspel)

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Re: Bugtracker Changelog

#92 » Post by Errorista » 01 Sep 2021 15:37

TW 3.3.5a - 08.2021

0008201: [Spell/Skill] Skill queuing (andriuspel)
0004239: [Quest] Quest - Dawn's Gambit (Doctor_J)
0002163: [Achievement] Ulduar - Flame Leviathan - Hardmode Achievements (25-player) (andriuspel)
0008197: [Quest] HAH... YOU'RE NOT SO BIG NOW! (andriuspel)
0008198: [Other] Pet issue (andriuspel)
0008200: [Other] Hunter Pets Starting With Zero Focus After Dismount or Whistle (andriuspel)
0008190: [Item] Crystalline Essence of Sindragosa (administrator)
0008199: [Spell/Skill] Divine Storm, heals not working (andriuspel)
0004616: [Item] Felwood - Corrupted Plants (Doctor_J)
0008183: [Talent] DK's Gargoyle (andriuspel)
0004987: [Quest] completing quest The Videre Elixir will destroy Videre Elixir :( (Doctor_J)
0007864: [Dungeon/Raid] [UBRS] Solakar Flamewreath not spawning (Doctor_J)
0008193: [NPC] Vyragosa spawns on same location with too short spawn timer (Doctor_J)
0008180: [Quest] Cyrus Therepentous does not give the dungeon quest A Taste of Flame after turning in followup (Doctor_J)
0008178: [Dungeon/Raid] Thorim (andriuspel)
0008186: [Spell/Skill] Paladin - Avenging Wrath with bubble (andriuspel)
0008184: [BattleGround/Arena] EotS jump respawn (andriuspel)

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