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Arena stuff

#1 » Post by bobsmyname » 30 Oct 2018 21:19

Okay, so I know I've been suddenly very active posting topics and such, but here is (hopefully) the last one for a while. ill just delete my other Arena only post and put it into here:

So, as one of the few 'hardcore' pvpers on primal, I'd like to say that waiting 5 minutes for an arena to pop, and needing 10 games to get points, and having each game have a 2 min pre-period, and lasting an additional 30 seconds to 5 minutes, isn't ideal.

I BEG that you will remove the matchmaking, and team rating queues.
They are good on retail, and more populated servers, but do nothing for us here.

Adding to this, in many server's I've been surfing, after accepting the queue for arenas there is a red 'Ready check' crystal to the side that you can click when you're ready. When all (4, 6, or 10) players have clicked this crystal the start timer drops to 15 seconds (if it is still 16 seconds to 1 minute remaining). From what I have gotten this is not hard to impliment, but if it is i understand.

The last thing i had in mind, is due to the way we have arena rewards going out, Achieves, Titles, and Mounts are only being granted to the 2s bracket. This litterally makes 3s and 5s brackets absolute, so could I please recomend that we boost the weekly arena points applied to the other two brackets by 33% or something? This, 2s still gives it's titles and points, but 3s and 5s arent purely for those once-every-four-months days that they somehow manage to happen.

And once more in a revised setting, could the epic gems for Resilience & resil+stat, aswell as Spellpen & pen+stat be sold for, maybe around 200 AP each? It's extremely annoying that epic gems are (and for a while will be) purely for end hyjal gear.

Kindest Regards, Cacha
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