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Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 06:36
by Klick17
Hi everyone, i just thought of a suggestion and was thinking what would you and the Server staff say about it.
Suggestion is this: Remove the 2x and 3x rates for leveling up to 80 completely, keeping only the 0.5x and 1x rates which will Logically make it (not only what most of you will say) longer, but also (from how i see it) more challenging since Tw doesn't seem to be the way it was before due to the more Fun style features that were added in,even though it originally was Blizzlike= 1x back then. :| :?:
Main point for the suggestion: Removing the 2x and 3x rate options, and any other Fun server-like features from TW and PW to keep (only) the 0.5x , and 1x rate options for leveling to make it more challenging. :) :D
So with that Suggestion said, tell me what you think about it by replying to this post please. Thanks. :) :D

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 08:24
by Regent
Klick17 wrote:

I'll keep the initial part of my response limited to facts. My opinion will follow after that.


What you are asking for is the complete removal of every widely accepted suggestion that the community asked for.

You're asking the staff to revert every popular feature that makes TrueWoW / PrimalWoW unique.
You're also asking them to remove freedom of choice from players (for said features) based on your own personal preference.
Basically, you want the server to revert back to 100% Blizzlike (something that TW can ill-afford right now and doesn't fit PW to begin with).

Those "fun server like" features you spoke of (like experience rates, ‚Äétransmogrification, crossfaction chat/PvE/PvP, 15-second mail time, reduced auction house fees, so on and so forth) were wanted by a majority of the community and so they voted for them to have them accepted and implemented.
Those features went through a lot of development, testing & teething problems to reach the relatively refined state they are in now.
To do what you're asking for just means wasting that all the time, effort and sweat that went into them.

My opinion:

I don't believe that you gave this proposal enough thought before posting it.
Where's the challenge in your suggestion?

There's nothing challenging about leveling on 1x rates. It's just tedious and time-consuming.
Tediousness is one thing hardly anyone wants more of in 2019, except purists who value leveling more than actual end-game content (the latter of which is the actual point of this game).

The word challenge implies that you want to take on a task that isn't normally meant for the average player who'd be ill-prepared for it.
Challenges involve meeting difficult objectives, overcoming obstacles or partaking in competitions/contests, etc.
Challenges can be logistical, fundamental, physical (as physical as WoW allows) or otherwise
They require accomplishing something that requires more than just time and effort (like knowledge and/or experience).

For example:
--- Mastering one class to the point of near perfection so you can play it as flawless as possible in PvP or PvE.
Now there's one challenge that I'm sure you can appreciate - based on our cordial conversations in the past.

Some more examples:
--- Ruby Sanctum heroic mode, Icecrown Citadel heroic mode or Ulduar on Hard Mode (and their respective achievements).
--- Attempting ICC on heroic mode (if not normal) without the 30% raid buff.
--- The Ironman challenge on TW realm (you can be hunted down which can get you disqualified).
--- The more difficult Bloodthirsty Ironman challenge, also on TW realm (again, you can be hunted down).

And here's one that can be tough to do on this server due to the low population (especially beyond peak hours):
--- Get battleground or arena matches going so you can play to win rewards (honor, arena points, etc).

How about attempting feats or achievements that are otherwise nearly impossible or quite difficult to obtain?
Such as:
--- Clearing ICC with 10 paladins or 10 druids (the latter of which I participated in; bravo to Delix for organizing it): ... ladins.png ... 063413.jpg

Now those are challenges!

The only valid (and personally speaking, quite monotonous) challenge you mentioned is leveling at 0.5 XP rate.
This is viable, for example, if you want to go for the Loremaster achievement whilst leveling at the same time or if you just want to level slowly for personal reasons.

Removing 2x and 3x rates along with every other implemented suggestion doesn't make anything challenging.
It just reverts everything back to its former tedious and mind-numbingly boring state that provides little incentive for anyone to push to level 80/70 with a new character.
Remember, this game isn't just about leveling. finishing quests or having the most alts.
It's also about learning your class, gearing it up, making acquaintances and friends, doing achievements, doing dungeons, attempting end-game content such as heroic dungeons/raids and PvP activities.

1x Blizzlike servers are a dime a dozen.
Reddit is filled to the brim with them.
Most of them aren't fairing well either.
And neither will this suggestion.

I can say with absolute certainty that this proposal won't fare well with the majority of the community.
As one such member of said community, I wholeheartedly vote:



Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 12:45
by bobsmyname
Areed with Regent, not only is it not viable for the servers health to punish new people joining who want to get to end game, Primal doesn't fit as a non fun server.

Not to mention the x2 x3 doesn't affect you if you don't want it to

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 14:12
by loveable4
he is like me in the past :lol:

best challange is: who can force roel to unban me ? :D many ppl own me lots of gold in game , i would log , so they can pay me back :D

imagine its a treasure and u have to discover it :lol: :lol:


Keep your responses limited to actual contributions to the original suggestion or any feedback for it.
Keep all non-relevant & off-topic discussion to yourself. Your banned status is not the focus of this thread.
You are free to appeal your ban in the General Support section, if you wish.
This is your only warning.

TrueWoW Staff

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 15:09
by Andromelech
After careful consideration I have to decline this suggestion since its creator clearly had not put in ballance the pros and cons of its actual implementation.
Having a mile long list of cons and no pros as a direct result makes this a direct - 1 vote (scrap it}.

Now as I've know this is a suggestion topic so :
1. Lovable ban appeals are to be posted in their correct section.
2. Please refrain from hijacking peoples topics while making ban appeals.
3. As you and I know you were banned until EOT (end of time) - last I check EOT threshold had not come to pass, please make your appeal after above-mentioned threshold passes.

Please carryout the above someone **

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 15:53
by loveable4
sorry , i just trolled because i knew everyone will vote it -1
and i asked roel him self couple of times , and he replied as well , so i didnt ask for unban in this topic
again sory for misunderstanding

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 15:54
by arash_brznd
Bad suggestion.

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 22:18
by Klick17
LOL! :lol: , you people only agree with regent cuz you see(only) the bad side to this suggestion, not the Good, which is funny for me to laugh at just by seeing it. :) :lol: .
The reasons why i said this suggestion is because
1: There's really no more challenges here anymore, its all reach maximum level and do it all from there, instead of lets do it together as we level up and do dungeons/raids and bg's in our level ranges of 10-79.
2: Professions aren't being helped out when their needed, its just do it all when you reach max skill limit=450, not be helped while you increase it as you level up and work on it. :|
And 3: Low levels have less attention here to be helped out as they level, while 80's do it all, the dungeons (which to 80's is RHC's),and BG que's, raids, and elite kills, while low levels have to suffer looking for people in their ranges to do all this, especially the level 60 to 79's who got the chance to do Molten core to Black temple during the time of the classic and burning crusade releases back then. :|
Main point: Put your Egoistic intentions aside and help out others when they need it (for quests, instance runs, and professions help), not when you feel like doing it for your own satisfactions and intentions to. :) :D

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 22:21
by Dymond
-1 Offering 1-3 x experience is nothing compared to a lot of other servers who offer 10x or more. You have the option to choose the level you wish to experience. It would be different if there wasn't a choice.

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 29 Oct 2019 22:27
by devil5000
Most people are playing on Truewow because of endgame content and not because they want to level their 100th alt. There are other options if you want to experience Vanilla (Classic is out and is cheap). Why would we force people to lvl at the slowest lvling speeds when some hate leveling already.IF you want to lvl at 1x you are more then welcome to but please let others lvl and play the game like they want to whether it be lvling,dungeons or endgame raiding. -1

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 30 Oct 2019 00:02
by Klick17
What about the helping with professions help part along with the dungeoun and bg ques for the low levels, where does that fit in all this mixed combination of 80's being top priority, and low levels have to do everything on thier own? <---- just wondering now that you made some points here regarding the play style with the rates. :)

I mainly posted this suggestion due to how the old play style from this server seemed more better with not only raids happening level 60-80, but also the low level dungeouns and BG's to, when you miss this alot and want to bring back that part of the content of the server you play on, thats where it hits you the most and you want it all back despite all the new changes that happend as time went by. :)

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 30 Oct 2019 00:29
by blazikenas
I hope you realise, that there are relatively few people at levels less than 80 not because everyone is leveling so fast. Xp rate has very very little to do with that. In fact, I would even argue, that if you leave only 1x, there would be even fewer levelers. So your suggestion doesn't seem to solve the problem at all.

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 30 Oct 2019 00:53
by devil5000
Like i said most people playing on TW atm are old players that came back from not playing etc so they have alot of chars already and arent bothered to lvl anymore that much. How is helping with proffesions tied to lvling exactly? How many people do even activley want to stay at lower lvls to experience raids and dungeons in an xpac that is 10 years old already? When we had high population ofc new people were leveling more then people are doing it now since most people have alot of chars and are more focused on endgame stuff .

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 30 Oct 2019 06:01
by Imagine
Fuck no..i might want level some char on future but hell no i will do with 0.5 or 1x exp..drop dead with your idea..

Re: Challenge Suggestion for Both TW and PW.

Posted: 30 Oct 2019 09:43
by srelectrox

Still, i get your frustration, although i think what you need is the opposite. More rate options (higher rate options).

It seems to me that your problem is that you don't have company to level, even if people would level slowly it woudnt fix the problem but perhaps if you level faster you would be able to reach end game level and do all the lower stuff easier alone rather then patiently seek the help of others who probably will not come at all.

If you don't have the option to transfer a character it's hard, i get it.

But don't think the endgame is easier, we lack population at every level, and despite that some people play for so long that some seem tired. Raids aren't easy to gather at 80, bg's and pvp in general are mainly dead, and even for rhc you might need to wait a little.

I would probably agree with higher rate as an option :)